Yummy in my tummy!

Artisanal Dinosaur Burgers & more

Dive into Mc Dino’s dino-mite eats! Enjoy handcrafted burgers like “Vegalodon” or “Royal Raptor,” and T-Rex shaped nuggets. Fresh, top-notch ingredients make us a hit in Croatia. Eat around the show arena & catch live performances as you munch!

Welcome to Mc Dinos – Where Prehistoric Cravings Meet Modern Flavors!

A Menu That Roars

At Mc Dinos, our burgers are a tribute to the giants that once roamed the earth. With names like “Vegalodon” for our hearty vegetarian friends and “Royal Raptor” for those craving the king of chicken burgers, we’ve got something for every type of explorer. And for our little paleontologists in training, our T-Rex shaped chicken nuggets are not only fun but absolutely delicious.

Crafted with Care and Freshness

We believe in the power of fresh ingredients, which is why our burgers are handmade daily, ensuring you’re biting into some of the best flavors Croatia has to offer. Our commitment to quality means you’re not just getting fast food; you’re getting fast, fresh, and fantastic food.

Dine in the Midst of Dinosaurs

What sets Mc Dinos apart is not just our food, but our unique dining experience. Situated inside the show arena, you can enjoy live performances while savoring your meal. It’s not every day you get to eat a “Jurassically” good burger while watching dinosaurs come to life before your eyes!

Perfect for Families and Dinosaur Enthusiasts Alike

Mc Dinos is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where families can come together, where kids can be kids, and adults can indulge in the joy of delicious, high-quality fast food. Whether you’re here for the dinosaurs, the shows, or simply the mouth-watering burgers, we promise an experience that’s as memorable as it is tasty.

Join Us at Mc Dinos for an Unforgettable Dining Adventure!