Gastronomy & family restaurants

At Dinopark Funtana, we understand the challenge of dining out with little ones. That’s why we’ve tailored our gastronomy to cater to families. Kids can play within eyesight while waiting for food, and we offer engaging coloring books at our Jurassic BBQ. Our menu includes everything from healthy salad bars to kid-favorites like pizza and burgers. For parents, enjoy refreshing soft drinks, cold beer, or a variety of coffee options. Don’t miss our dinosaur cup slushies, beloved ice creams, and snacks that kids adore. Dining is easy and fun for everyone!

Gastronomy in Dinopark

Dinopark Funtana stands out as your go-to destination when searching for “family restaurants” that perfectly blend exciting gastronomy with the thrill of adventure. Tailored to meet the desires of every family member, especially those with young children, the park offers a variety of dining options that cater to your family’s diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Diverse and Nutritious Menus Just for You
Imagine savoring meals that are as nutritious as they are appealing to the little ones. The gastronomy at Dinopark Funtana is designed with your family in mind, offering balanced, enjoyable dining experiences that cater to everyone’s tastes.

A Dining Environment Crafted for Family Comfort
Ease and accessibility define your dining experience, with strategically located restaurants throughout the park to make meal times convenient. Themed, dinosaur-inspired interiors spark your children’s imaginations, transforming dining into a thrilling part of your adventure at Dinopark Funtana.

Memorable Moments Around Every Meal
Understand that dining with us is an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories. The “family restaurants” at Dinopark Funtana are not just about the food; they are about enriching your family’s adventure in the park, providing the perfect backdrop for memorable moments.

Choosing Dinopark Funtana means opting for a place where the gastronomy is specifically tailored to the needs and desires of families. Here, every meal is an adventure, ensuring that your dining experience contributes to a memorable visit, making it the perfect spot for families seeking a unique blend of delicious food and engaging experiences.