Jurassic Barbecue

Dive into an era of rich flavors with our eco-friendly, wood-charcoal grilled delights. Savor generously portioned, sustainably sourced meat from Croatia’s finest farms. A culinary adventure awaits!

Jurassic Barbecue Grill: A Prehistoric Dining Adventure Awaits!

Discover the Rich Flavors of Tradition

Immerse yourself in the unique taste of the Jurassic BBQ Grill, nestled in the heart of Dinopark Funtana. Our menu features the finest meats from eco-friendly Croatian farms, expertly cooked over wooden charcoal for that perfect smoky flavor.

Dine in Nature’s Lap

Our outdoor terrace offers a serene dining spot where parents can enjoy sumptuous meals while watching over their playful children. For a relaxed experience, avoid peak hours and enjoy our quick service and tranquil ambiance.

Jurassic Barbecue

Family-Friendly Delights

With coloring books for kids and a diverse menu that caters to all ages, we ensure a delightful dining experience for the entire family. Quench your thirst with our selection of barrel beers and fresh drinks, or create your own salad at our fresh salad bar.

Experience Culinary Excellence

Let our grill chef impress you with dishes that promise to make your lunch memorable. At Jurassic BBQ Grill, every meal is an adventure, combining great taste with an unforgettable atmosphere.

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